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Unnamed Jaeger Paddle™

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1. a hunter or marksman
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This is our slant on the popular Bruce Nelson #1 holster, later made famous as the “Askins Avenger”. Featuring a one piece wrap around body with a reinforced throat, this design allows easy re-holstering by preventing the holster from collapsing once the pistol is drawn. The combination tunnel loop/rear belt slot on this holster orients the butt of the pistols grip in towards your body while allowing ample room for quickly obtaining a full combat grip on your pistol.


  • One piece wrap around body with reinforced throat allows easy re-holstering.
  • Designed to stay close to your body but allow quick acquisition for a fast draw.
  • Distributes the weight of a full sized handgun evenly for hours of comfortable wear.
  • Allows a full combat grip even when fully holstered.
  • Protects magazine release form accidental contact but allows access for tactical reloads even when holstered.
  • Molded sight channel accommodates tall front sights without dragging or shaving leather.
  • Specifically molded to each pistol for excellent retention.
  • Hand made in Missouri by dedicated craftsmen with years of experience with firearms and holster manufacturing.
  • Meets all IDPA and USPSA design criteria.
  • Excellent range/competition/hunting holster.
  • Suitable for concealed carry with a proper cover garment.

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