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Holster Ratings

Shopping for holsters can be a chore, especially when not everyone uses the same terminology to describe holsters and their features. It also doesn’t help when somebody claims their holster is the best ever and can do everything, including mowing your yard and filing your taxes.

We know that false claims and bad sales tactics won’t help you find what you’re looking for, so instead, we made a list of six of the most important attributes people look for in holsters and rated ours accordingly. We call it “The 6 C’s of Holsters™”.

We have tried to be fair and impartial, considering everything on the market we are aware of, not just our own products. We didn’t rate everything at a “10” because that wouldn’t be honest or realistic. That said, if we do rate something a 10, it means we really believe we have one of the best products on the market in that category, and are proud to say so.

While all six of the “C” attributes are important, there are always compromises; the holster that conceals the best won’t necessarily have the highest combat readiness score. The most comfortable holster may not be the most convenient one. We have reflected that in our scores so you can make a more informed decision.

We hope you find the ratings helpful in making your next holster purchase, and if that ends up being with us, we truly appreciate your business.


How comfortable is the holster to wear?

0 = It hurts to wear
5 = I can deal with it, but I don’t like it.
10 = I forget it’s there and fall asleep wearing it. *

Comfort is something we strive for with every model. If it’s not comfortable – you won’t wear it, which defeats the purpose of having it…

* It’s true, several customers have reported falling asleep with our holsters on without realizing it, including our IWB models…

Combat Readiness:

How quick / easy it is to get the gun into a fight?

0 = If there’s trouble, the gun had better be in your hand already.
5 = I can get it with some effort.
10 = Easier than getting out a cellphone or pocket knife.

We score Combat Readiness by the ease with which you can clear cover garments, get a full combat grip on the pistol and perform a draw stroke (based on the characteristics of the holster, not a given situation).


How well does the holster contain the gun?

0 = Open carry using a nylon one-size-fits-all holster with no retention and a cheap metal belt clip.
5 = One retention method and two of the three of: a cover garment, good construction or good mounting.
10 = Strong construction, secure mount to the belt, 1 passive and 2 active retention methods, plus a cover garment.

This rating is a measure of two things:

1. how well the holster prevents your gun from falling out when you’re wrestling with a bad guy (or crashing a motorcycle).

2. how well the holster prevents a bad guy from getting your gun.


How easy it is to hide the gun?

0 = You could spot it from across the street – drop leg holster, competition rig, etc.
5 = Normally hides well with only a button-up shirt over it.
10 = Go ahead and frisk me; you won’t find it…

No holster makes your gun invisible. However, proper design does help the shape of the firearm “melt” into you and be unnoticed unless grabbed directly (and not always even then).


How easy it is to put on or take off the holster?

0 = I need a changing room and a squire.
5 = Partial belt removal may be required.
10 = Easier than a slap bracelet.

The easier it is to put on or take off, the more likely you will have it on when you need it.

Versatility *:

How many jobs you can use the holster for?

0 = Only does one thing for one gun.
5 = One gun with a few jobs, or one job with a few guns.
10 = Swiss army knife of holsters – can do a lot of jobs and hold a variety of guns.

We don’t make one-size-fits-all “gun cozies”, but we do make some products that can properly hold multiple gun models. Most of our models are also designed to fill multiple roles, too (concealed carry, hunting, training classes, etc.).

* The ‘C’ is silent… and invisible… like a ninja!!

Do you have one of our holsters? Do you agree or disagree with our ratings system? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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