Current lead time: 3-4 weeks


Leather Holster Break-in Instructions

Our holsters are very stiff and tightly molded to a specific firearm, so  you can customize the fit. They will need some breaking in before you can use them. Be patient! Don’t go overboard when loosening the holster’s fit; stretching a holster is possible, but shrinking it back isn’t. Please read the following tips to aide you in breaking in your holster successfully.

  • Do not use any oil or leather dressing or try soaking the holster in water during the break in process. You will probably ruin the holster and you will void your warranty.
  • If your holster has a retention screw, loosen it significantly before breaking in the holster. Once the holster fit is satisfactory, adjust the tension screw to match the current retention level.
  • When you first test how your pistol fits in the holster, it will be stiff and very tight. To help with the break in process, place your pistol inside a gallon plastic bag and leave it holstered over night to loosen the fit.
  • If the fit is still especially tight, wrap your pistol in waxed paper with the waxy side out.  Force the pistol into the holster and remove it about a dozen times. The wax paper will slightly stretch the holster and put wax where it needs to go to lubricate the holster. If the fit has loosened to your satisfaction, wear the holster and test for fit again. You may have to repeat the process (be very careful with this process, as it is much more aggressive than using the plastic bag to stretch your holster).

Hybrid Holster Break-in Instructions

Adjust the tension screw for the desired fit. Boom! You’re done.

Holster-to-Belt Fit

Our holsters are designed to fit very tightly to our belts. If the holster-to-belt fit is too tight for your preferences, leave the holster on the belt overnight several times until it has time to break in. If you need to speed up the process, place a wooden ruler, paint stirring stick, or similar object through each of the belt loops on the inside of the belt for a few hours at a time until it reached the desired fit.

Leather Mag Holder Fit and Break-in Instructions

Most of our magazine holders come standard with a retention screw. We recommend wearing the mag holder when you set the tension (removable thread locker is applied to the retention screw during the production process).

For double magazine holders that share a retention screw – If you intend to loosen the fit on one magazine but not the other, place a loaded magazine in a plastic bag. Insert the bagged magazine in the pouch you would like to loosen, and a non-bagged magazine in the other. Leaving it over night should produce the desired result.

Breaking In Belts

To break in a belt you just have to wear it. Over time, the belt will curve to fit your body. Depending on the materials used and the construction of the belt, it may take between two and four weeks to conform to your body.