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About Us

Boomstick isn’t a large multi-national corporation. We’re just three friends that share a love of firearms. Along the way we decided to join forces <insert A-Team theme song here>, effectively combining three businesses – the original Boom-Stick Holsters, Defensive Carry Concepts, and West Plains Gunleather (formerly Rafter S Gunleather). The combination of the three businesses gives us the ability to do world-class custom leather holsters, the best designed defensive carry holsters, and leather / kydex hybrid holsters with durability and features that are not available anywhere else on the market.

All three of us have been involved in shooting our entire lives. As a result, we’ve used and abused the best holsters out there. Along the way, we decided we could do it better. Part of this came from competition – all three of us have competed in IDPA, 2-gun, 3-gun, and long range tactical shooting matches. But most of our needs came about from daily carry as well as martial arts. Through our marital arts training, we understood fighting and began bringing firearms into that training. Combining these two different disciplines taught us a lot about how to actually fight with a gun. All our products are a result of this experience as well as feedback from our customers.

As you navigate the website, I hope you get a feel for our personalities – for us, Boomstick isn’t just a job, it’s a way for us to share our passions for shooting, building, and enabling others to defend themselves (annoying Jared daily is just a bonus).



When you grow up in a saddle shop, you’d think that leather work would come naturally. But it didn’t for Jeff (he’s always been a bit “difficult”)…

Instead, Jeff spent the last 15 years or so figuring out what makes a great holster and what doesn’t and becoming a master at leather work in his own right.

Jeff began his holster career by making holsters for himself completely by hand. Soon, he was making them for other people. Eventually the demand was enough that he needed to make it official and started Boom-Stick holsters in 2007.

After only a few years, Jeff had made a name for himself as one of the best custom leather holsters makers in the world.

Boom-Stick ceased operations in 2010 so Jeff could focus on family obligations.

Even though Boom-Stick ended, Jeff continued to make custom holsters and develop new designs as time allowed until forming Defensive Carry Concepts with Jared.


The Builder

Jared spent several years welding on nuclear power plants and oil refineries as a boiler maker.

After a knee injury made that career no longer possible, he began looking for something that interested him, focusing on the firearms industry.

Eventually he ended up joining forces with Jeff to form Defensive Carry Concepts (DCC) in 2012. DCC focused on designing and building holsters optimized for self-defense.

DCC proved its-self as an innovator in holster design and manufacturing. Eventually, Jeff and Jared were approached about selling the business.

Major operations were shut down in late 2017 to transfer the business to the new owners.

Since then, Jeff and Jared have continued to stay active in the holster industry, from a position behind the scenes until they joined with Danny to form Boomstick.


Business & Engineering

Danny has spent his career in engineering, doing electrical and mechanical design, programming and a lot of manufacturing engineering.

As friends do, Danny has been involved behind the scenes since the early Boom-Stick days, helping Jeff and Jared develop custom equipment and processes to continually improve their products.

Danny got officially brought into the holster industry when he had the opportunity to purchase the machinery, tooling and designs from a local business that was closing – West Plains Gunleather (formerly Rafter S).

Danny formed a new business in 2018 and ran it on the side as a one-man show for a while, fulfilling contract work for a major custom firearms manufacturer. Eventually, it became more than he could handle by himself and brought Jeff and Jared in to help. In 2019 that cooperation morphed into the Boomstick you see today.

Today, Danny’s role in Boomstick is behind the scenes, leaving Jeff and Jared to do what they do best – make holsters.