Welcome to Mythic Holsters!

You’ve reached Mythic Holsters, a manufacturer of holsters based in West Plains, MO. We make holsters for a variety of firearms using a hybrid-construction method which is unique in the marketplace. This method laminates leather and kydex together, utilizing the best qualities of both materials to create a holster that is superior to conventional leather or kydex holsters. Mythic isn’t a cookie-cutter operation either – all our products are made-to-order to ensure you get exactly what you want and need in a holster for your firearm.

Unfortunately, you’ve reached us at a bad time – we’re in the midst of a major website redesign and aren’t quite done yet. Please check back soon as we hope to have the website complete and able to resume taking orders by July, 2022. We expect a lead time of around 3-4 weeks at that point. Thank you for your interest.